John Hall - Luthier

John Hall

John Hall continues to produce concert guitars after many years making lutes, viols and cellos.

John has combined the traditional techniques of making these instruments with exhaustive research and experimentation on the modern guitar in the areas of tone production, construction and design. The result is an instrument of classical simplicity based on a fresh approach to the structure of the sound board.

The guitars combine the brilliance and flute like clarity of the old Hauser and Bouchet with the response and volume of the best cedar lattice tops. They are bright, clear, balanced and responsive with ample volume. Much time has also been devoted to developing an overall design of violin like seriousness, avoiding gratuitous embellishments.

The design, in general appearance, is fresh and contemporary, complementing serious music and playing.

John Hall is at the peak of his guitar-making career and these instruments are produced in limited numbers.


John Hall is located at:

The Flour Mill Studios
Studio 208
2 Gladstone Street
Newtown NSW

Contact him on 0403 850 155